Teaching Philosophy

David's Teaching PhilosophyContinuing education is a big part of my teaching philosophy.  A lot of time has been spent filming swings at the PGA Tournaments played in Florida and comparing the best players in the world. It is important to have a strong grasp and understanding of what actually makes these players so good.

I have taught a lot of young talent that start their golfing career at an early stage in their life and are in search for advice on how they can build the best foundations for their amateur dreams to become a golfing professional. This drove me to study and research the top 100 players in the world in regard to what age they turned professional, college career and other factors to try to find out a formula to greatness. All of this research keeps pointing in the direction of finding the key that works for each individual not trying to fit all into one model.

All of my experiences to this point have been accompanied by reading hundreds of books, visiting some of the world’s top teaching professionals like Jim Mclean, Bob Toski, Denis Pugh, Butch Harmon, Pete Cowan and Hank Haney, taking more lessons from them and watching them teach, in addition to a multitude of seminars and research studies. This wealth of information has helped me format my current teaching philosophy on what is important within the golf swing. I do believe that there are many different golf swings, and the evidence is clear to see week in week out during my teaching career.

My philosophy has only come about through my in depth research which was, and still is, carried out consistently and frequently to stay at the forefront of what makes great players so great.