PUTTING ARC MS3 – single curved track by The Putting Arc


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The original MS-III (MS-3) allows you to use the heel of the putter for training. The product is an all-weather, light-weight more versatile version of the deluxe wooden model. Weighing only 2 pounds the MS-3 is 33″ in length – enough for a full stroke for most standard length putts.

Because of the durable plastic molding, the product is no just more durable, it also costs less. Sandpaper discs are included on the bottom so the product doesn’t slide and tee-holes are included if the player wishes to align the unit and stake it down.

The low center cut of the MS-3 accommodates more putter styles and reminds the player not to lift the putter too much while addressing the ball. Like all Putting Arcs, the MS-3 may be used right or left-handed.

The Putting Arc is used by the top amateur, junior, college and professional golfers, and multiple recent USGA national championship have been won by known Putting Arc users.