In My Bag

Callaway-Apex Irons Small

Custom fitting used to be a luxury just for professionals, but now so widely available for everyone it is important you take advantage and make sure your equipment is helping you improve and not hindering you.

Golf club custom fitting is a critical step in your journey of perfecting the golf swing. It an essential part of the process when you purchase any new golf clubs.

I also suggesting using tools like TRACKMAN to help ensure you have the right mix of equipment in your bag to compliment the type of courses you play on a regular basis. Students often have large gaps in their bags that can cause conflict when you are between clubs.

As the former host of the ‘In Your Bag’ broadcast on PGATOUR Radio Sirius XM, I have seen and tested hundreds of golf clubs. Callaway is by far my club of choice and this is what I am carrying in 2019.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver

Graphite Design IZ 5 Stiff Shaft

Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood

Graphite Design MAD Stiff Shaft


Epic Flash 5 Wood small


Callaway Epic Flash 5 Wood

Graphite Design MAD Stiff Shaft


Callaway-Apex-Utility Iron

Callaway Apex Utility Iron - 18°

Recoil F4 110 Shaft


Callaway-Apex Irons Small

Callaway Apex Irons

4-PW, Recoil F4 Stiff Shafts


Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedges small

Mac Daddy 4 Wedges

48°-54°-60° - Recoil F4 110 Stiff Shafts


Odyssey Strike Lab Number 7 Putter small

Odyssey Strike Lab Number 7 Putter

Flat Cat grip